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Why Being Vegan Isn’t Enough


Why Being Vegan Isn’t Enough

Controversial title I know, bear with me. On Saturday I attended the Animal Rights March in London, it was until then I believed what I was doing was enough but who was I kidding? I was being naive.

Although I knew about the horrors inside slaughterhouses and how inhumane animal agriculture is, I drew the line by believing that if I didn’t eat the animals and didn’t wear them, then that was enough. As highlighted by Earthling Ed in his speech at the march, as vegans we have a moral obligation to speak out for the animals, the oppressed, these innocent souls with no voice.

That day I marched with 5,000 passionate souls from Hyde Park to Westminster protesting for animal rights. To this day I have never experienced anything so liberating. I was surrounded by thousands of people from different countries with different ages and ethnicity and it was absolutely incredible. That day, we all stood as one and sang our hearts out for the animals. Take a look at the video below!

To the members of the public, I hope that the unison of us made you question your own beliefs and the lifestyle you lead. With your money you dictate which industries thrive. I strongly urge you to watch the video below by the man himself, Earthling Ed. I’m only reiterating his message in this blog as there’s no way I can say it like he can! Thank you Ed for your passion and determination, you are without a doubt the man leading this vegan movement.

The march made me realise I can do more and that I need to. So i’m going to do more vegan activism! 🙂 It is not enough to not eat them or not wear them. Many people are uneducated about the meat, dairy and egg industry, unaware of the living conditions animals within factory farms, how fur coats are made or how that animal learnt to do it’s performances at the circus. Even if your shy, vegan activism can make you more confident! It can be as simple as distributing leaflets in the street, chatting face to face, chalking vegan facts on the ground in your town, using your social media – there are so many ways to educate and spread the vegan message!

I wasn’t personally funding the atrocities anymore, but I wasn’t speaking out about it either. It’s estimated that there is over 540,000 vegans in the UK. Animals need your voices! The animals that you once ate and the animals that still suffer under the hands of man, they need to be heard.

The march next year is on the Saturday 25th August 2018. Get your butt down to london next year and join us! 🙂


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