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Have You Heard Of Selva Organic?


Have You Heard Of Selva Organic?

Selva Organic are a relatively new but a well established vegan and organic supplement company providing a range of superfoods in both whole and powder form. Based in the UK but with staff in Peru, Selva Organic brings nutrition from South America literally to your doorstep.

As a keen vegan supplement lover, I was excited when they got in touch with me and sent me their Maca Powder, Golden Berries and Lucuma powder. I had heard of Maca powder before but not Lucuma powder and the Golden Berries sounded delicious to add to my daily smoothie fix!

My first noticeable impression was the premium packaging. It was clear to me was that Selva Organic values their image, quality and overall brand. I was also quite fond of their quirky wording on the back of their packaging, emphasising that the products were not “wonder drugs“, but they’re to boost nutritional intake and assist in everyday supplementing. This naturally left a powerful afterthought – that you should never use supplements to create a nutritional diet, you should already have one!

Lacuma Powder & Golden Berries

The Lacuma powder is a naturally sweet powder ready to enhance a variety of recipes and provide vital nutrients such as iron, zinc and calcium. A truly great powder if you are trying to get away from refined sugars and artificial sweeteners. (There are so many out there!) My recommendation is to add this into porridge to give it that extra edge as well as a smooth caramel sweet taste.


Most mornings I have an acai bowl, topped with chia seeds, coconut flakes and goji berries, so naturally adding the Golden Berries finished my compilation of antioxidant superfoods. That being said, these tasted great just as a snack and have a complimentary sweet and sour taste which is not only very moreish but works well to curb those sweet tooth cravings in the evening. High in beta-carotene and vitamin A, these are truly a superfood you should put on your next shopping list!

Maca Powder

Did you know Maca Root increases fertility in both men and women, hormone balance, increased energy, improved sexual function, memory and focus? 


As soon as I found this out, I was keen to include the Maca powder in all of my smoothies, such as on the one above blended with a handful of strawberries. With only a weeks use, I am currently using this daily and I definately feel my energy levels increasing. The best thing about Maca is that is so versatile, having multiple uses from desserts to smoothies and even acai bowls, Being such a rich source of protein and fibre – it’s a staple supplement that I will be continuing to take for time to come!

What I love most about this company is that they care.  They work alongside their producers, farmers and growers forging long term relationships. Their website is also very informative, listing all the information required to help you make your purchase decision, such as where the product is from and how it is harvested. 

You can check out Selva Organic here. 🙂

The views expressed are my own. I always give honest reviews whether the item is bought by me or sent to me.


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