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Okja – Addressing Meat Eating With A Different Angle


Okja – Addressing Meat Eating With A Different Angle

There is nothing worse than when someone does a review and reveals the whole movie plot, but it’s okay, I like you, so I’m not going to ruin Okja for you. 😉

I heard about ‘Okja’ through social media, being the ‘Vegan’ movie you must watch. The film had a diversion of different routes as it planted into the viewer’s conscience. Okja starts off with the moral high ground, a reflection of what most carnivores say is their right to consume the dead flesh of animals.. but does that make it ‘right’ though? You can have the right to decide this paradox I lay before you.

Let me set the scene. The world is running out of food. And in this setting, the super pig has been genetically engineered to grow big, and to be ‘fucking tasty’ as one of the antagonists preaches. This lack of care and overall welfare for animals is what brings us into today’s reality in society which is mostly full of greed, abysmal animal welfare and the high demand for meat in everyone’s diet. Can you guess I’m vegan already?


These super pigs are genetically engineered, and bred to solely crush the world hunger problem. Wow. Bred for just meat. Imagine if your fate has already been decided before your born. Then when you are born, you are put into areas no more than 1 ft from the other animals awaiting their sad inevitable fate..

I then asked myself.. this is what happens anyway right? This happens to all farmed animals all over the world, however this time just with GMO pigs in the movie. The movie withelds a message to everyone out there that with animal cruelty, animal exploitation and animal slavery, you will always face backlash and revolt and rightly so, but everyone is entitled to their own morals and beliefs.

There is no free ride in the world to kill and slaughter animals for business, and dare I say the sickening pleasure in some cultures. Okja demonstrated that animals when turned into food are a product of delicatessen, a desensitised object with no identity. There is a reason why we call most of the meat products out there by subtle naming.. beef, steak, mutton, veal, bacon, pork, gammon, the list goes on.. What is wrong with with listing the animal as it actually is, such as a baby cow, pig, sheep… does it make it all a bit too real?


The real point of this review is not to expose you to the ins and outs of the movies plot points but to give you some gauge and sense of meaning to what the movie wants people to see. It plants the seed but not in a way of shock but in a way of realisation. The acting throughout the movie was very consistent, although I feared at the start it might follow through like a hunger games movie. If you watch it, you’ll see what I mean. 😉

The CGI and real world filmed settings worked well, and was incredibly believable. After watching this move, I would agree that this film did impact me reinforcing what I already know that humans will do whatever they can to exploit animals for money. Literally.

Emotionally, this movie jerks a few tears throughout, but not until the end did it really get me. I actually hate the human race. A highly recommended movie for anyone regardless of your eating habits and beliefs. This is human nature, and to watch this with a open heart and a widened minded outlook is probably the best way to get the most out of this frustratingly realistic take on humans lust for power and deception.

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