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My Favourite Summer Products!


My Favourite Summer Products!

My Favourite Summer Products!

Anyone living in the UK might be thinking the same as me… Summer has arrived!  I know this because I am having to watch my sphynx cats constantly, because sphynx cats are bald, and so easy to burn, yes… even in my house, in the conservatory. Anyway with all the fabulous weather here in the UK, I want to continue the summer vibes and tell you what are my favourite summer products are this year and what I could not be without!

Tropic Skincare
These guys steal my heart every time when it comes to natural skincare. Since March, I have been trying their new summer range extensively and I must admit, I absolutely adore the direction that this company is going in. Below are some of the new summer products, consisting of body washes, sun cream, body oil and cream makeup highlighters.


You will have the best smelling bathroom if you use their body washes. Available in three options – Wild Mint/Lime Pineapple, Frangipani Star Anise/Tiare Flower and the Mangosteen Thyme/Mandarin – I always end up having a juggling party in the shower trying to decide which one I want to smell like! These body washes are a must have natural product, as it contains no sodium laureth sulfate. This means it does not foam, I am particularly pleased about this as it’s one of the dirty dozen chemicals that I do my utmost best to avoid. All of their body washes are pH balanced and suitable for sensitive skin. Yes, Tropic really do consider all of their customer needs! <3

Worn on my arm below; (from left to right) Skin Shade SPF 30, Tinted Skin Shade SPF 50 and the Summer Goddess Shimmering Body Oil.


St Tropez
I used to be a crazy sun worshipper when I went on holiday. Thanks to this fake tan, I can look like I totally afford the expensive holidays and look like I’ve just returned from one. Nothing gives me a bigger boost than when I have a tan. As a relatively new bodybuilder, just being that little darker really does make your muscles pop. It doesn’t stain my sheets, looks stunning on my skin and stays for for a good week. The best thing about the Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse is that you get to pick your colour, one hour for light, two hours for medium and three for a dark tan. I end up either putting it on in the morning and washing it off after work, or just before bed and wash it off upon waking. Either way, I look dark and fantastic. Just my cup of tea. 🙂


Vegan Bunny Co
When you’ve had a long day and need to unwind, these candles are complete bliss. They smell AMAZING and let you drift off to your happy place. I was lucky enough to be able to recently try their Lavender and their Sweet Orange soy candles. Unscrew the lid and you are immediately hit with the great aroma. After an insightful chat with the owner, I learnt about how soy candles are more environmentally friendly than the traditional paraffin candles made from petroleum oil. In fact I realised there is a lot to be learnt on this topic so stay tuned – I will be writing a post on the benefits of using soy candles soon!


Manuka Life
Any yogi lover knows how important their mat is to their performance. Since Christmas I’ve been using the Eco Luxury Yoga Mat. With superb comfort and cushioning, this yoga mat is also non slip. Once you go non-slip, you don’t go back! Another great aspect of this mat is that it is non-toxic and free from ozone depleting materials. I’ve travelled quite a bit with this mat and purchased one of their bags to house the mat in. The ties on the yoga mat make storing and rolling up this mat super easy and quick. Tested and tried by many of the UK’s leading yoga and Pilates experts, this will be a product you’ll be glad you invested in!

As you know, I’m quite a queen at waffling. So I’m going to leave it here. However, I want you to tell me what your favourite products have been this summer! <3


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