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Brighton, A Home For Vegans


Brighton, A Home For Vegans

While some may feel they have to go abroad to “get away” my husband and I decided to hop on a train for 2 hours and 40 minutes instead. Our Easter break destination was Brighton, a place every vegan should visit. With only three days and two nights, I quickly got to work eating my way around Brighton to provide you with a comprehensive full monty of my favourite vegan endeavors.

I’ll say it now, but we could have done with longer than three days! Brighton is full of so many hidden delights, with the unique boutiques, and quirky cafes, even the charity shops were super funky. The locals were also some of the nicest people I had ever come across, making it all the while harder not to fall in love with this city. I quickly learnt that Brighton is a place where individuality is celebrated and people feel free to be themselves.

Here are the places of where I ate:

Breakfast & Snacks: VBites & Belgian Chips
Lunch: Happi Maki & Glazed
Dinner: Terre a Terre & Purezza


Breakfast, lunch dinner. VBites has it all, and what’s more it’s all vegan! We went in there for a “full english” which luckily I shared with my husband, as it was quite generous in size. Veggie sausages, beans, “bacon”, hash browns, grilled tomatoes,  and the garlic and mushrooms on a buttered baguette. Considering I’m not the biggest fan of mushrooms, this was was absolutely gorgeous! I accompanied this with a side of cheesy chips. It was so refreshing to be faced with a menu that was entirely vegan, I could have ate it all! Accompanying my food was a lovely vanilla milkshake made with dairy free ice cream. Overall the friendly staff, the delicious vegan food and the chilled atmosphere was something I really took as a positive, reinforcing that it is not just the food that you go into restaurants for, but the service and the persona of the staff as well. VBites – you ticked all the right boxes, if I lived in Brighton I think I might just live in your cafe! 🙂

Terre à Terre
As any savvy traveler does, I decided to book beforehand into a restaurant called Terre à Terre. Located in the historical lanes for over twenty three years, the reviews for this restaurant were outstanding, so naturally I had to see what the fuss was about! Their menu provided an extensive vegetarian menu with the option to make many of their dishes vegan. Their menu was so mouthwatering that ordering from the a la carte menu would have been undeniably difficult had I not chose to have the Terre à Tapas sharing plate.


This option consisted of a selection of vegan dishes from around the menu for those dining as two – absolutely perfect for an indecisive person such as myself! I felt clever ordering this as it meant I got to try all their best dishes on one plate. Their “kentucky fried cauliflower” was literally one of the best alternatives to the conventional “KFC” that I have ever tasted. I worked my way around the plate with my husband, exchanging amazed and open mouthed faces as we tucked into the exotic food. The waiter advised us that we could have this starter as a main, that way we could squeeze in a dessert – boy am I glad I did!


To finish off our extravagant main meal, we then settled for the vegan chocoholic sharing platter. This blew my mind, if your vegan and love chocolate, then this restaurant is like finding a goldmine. The dessert consisted of chocolate truffles, chocolate cake, a blood orange sorbet with churros, chocolate milkshakes, strawberries and raspberries! Yes, it sounds and was totally freaking amazing. Without a doubt, Terre à Terre lived up to their claim, that this is ‘THE’ restaurant to change the way you view the vegetarian cuisine forever. It did for me. Thank you for a truly amazing dining experience!

A vegan italian restaurant providing an exciting range of 100% plant based food that can be enjoyed by vegans, those who are lactose intolerant or are trying to avoid gluten. On our last evening I was lucky enough to secure a seat for my husband and I. Looking back – I am so glad I did as after trying their food, I would have been sorely disappointed to have gone home and not tasted what I did! The only vegan pizza I had tasted were the small ones you find in the freezer section within health stores. You can only guess how excited I was to dine in an all vegan italian restaurant! I was amazed at their bases which were made from pea protein but could also be made from hemp or gluten free bases. I was quick to order the focaccia strips for the starter. They arrived with three dips, pesto, beetroot and creamy tofu. I could have happily had a bread and dip party that night, they tasted so good!


Now back to my roasted purple sweet potato, freshly cut pineapple & pea pancetta pizza! I loved how this pizza wasn’t heavy. Purezza states that their pizza ranges from 480-620 calories per pizza, compared to other fast food chains and supermarkets being the equivalent of that – at only two or three slices. Gone are the days where I missed dominoes pizza, it’s all about Purezza baby!


These guys even do vegan tiramisu, yes seriously.. I used to love tiramisu before I went vegan, however their version tastes even better than the “normal” ones! The very thought of this dessert is enough to make me want to hop back on a train to Brighton. Please Purezza, open another store? You would be the revolution in vegan italian restaurants.


Happy Maki
As someone who has never tried Sushi, I was a little apprehensive when ordering the amount I did, but two Nori Sushi wraps later I was in love. Let me explain…


I had a “mock duck” with aromatic sauce, a sweet chilli “chicken” sushi wrap as well as the battered cauliflower as a chosen side. On their menu above the till, the “meat” was listed in quotes, I thought this was a fun aspect. Amongst the other fillings such as the avocado, peppers, cucumber and sesame seeds – if I were to have given a wrap to one of my non vegan friends, they really wouldn’t have known that it wasn’t real meat inside. If I were living and working in Brighton, my lunch time go-to would be Happy Maki. The price for a wrap, which is far more filling than any other fast food, was very reasonable at £6 per wrap. Freshly made to order, you can also customise it to your preference such as with or without super hot wasabi sauce. Happy Maki won my heart! It’s at times like this you, I would long for a Happy Maki closer to me, but then I’m glad there isn’t, it does well being Brighton’s best kept secret!

Belgian Chips
Whilst exploring, we and came across a takeaway specialising in chips, Belgian Chips. The smell of freshly hand cut potatoes was too much to resist so we ordered a small portion with barbecue sauce. As they filled the chips into the cone wrapper, they layered the sauce in between. I appreciated this as any chip fanatic knows how annoying it is when you have chips left, but with no sauce! Bit of advice, if you visit their store, don’t order a small, you’ll be left wanting more!

IMG-20170413-WA0001 (1)

Do you like donuts? Good. Glazed is the vegan donut shop to visit! They taste just like an ordinary donut. Imagine Krispy Kreme, but cruelty free and even more tasty. So theoretically, better in every way.


I fell in love with Brighton. If you as a vegan want to find a place full of amazing vegan food, then this is the place for you! My husband said he enjoyed our three days away more than our honeymoon last year in Cyprus. I have to say, I agree! Have you been to Brighton? If so, tell me what you thought of the city! <3


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