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Aubaine launches veganuary menu!


Aubaine launches veganuary menu!

Aubaine is a chic French restaurant located in London with nine branches. Offering high quality French-inspired cuisine, I was more than eager when they invited me to sample their new veganuary menu. With so many locations across London, I finally settled on the eatery in Heddon street as it was tucked away from the bustle of Regent Street but cosy and perfect for people watching.

I was greeted by a waitress who swiftly found my reservation and seating. As I took my coat and scarf off, I took in my atmosphere admiring the modern and sleek décor. It was busy but that was to be expected during lunch time on the weekend! There was ample seating to the restaurant, with an upstairs and also a downstairs dining area – to which I discovered whilst searching for their restroom.

 starters - cauliflower steak and green apple tartare

For starters I chose the beetroot & green apple tartare whereas my husband chose the roasted cauliflower. The beetroot and apple green tartare was refreshing and unique with the beetroot and apple complimenting one another with a sweet and vinegary taste. This dish also had advocado pieces, like the typical vegan, something I was delighted to find! I’ll admit my homemade salads are pretty basic, so it’s not a common dish in my household. Eating one like this has inspired me to jazz up my own salads! Because my husband loves me, he let me have a few bites from his starter. The roasted cauliflower was seasoned with Turmeric, smoked paprika, pine nuts and pomegranate with a drizzle of lemon. It was juicy, dense and bursting with flavor.

With starters finished, we moved onto the mains, where again my husband and I chose differently. I mean, its best of both worlds to work this way right?! 😉 I chose the butternut squash risotto which was creamy, tasty and simple. There was no trickery in spices, it was just what I ordered, filling and consistent in taste. I’m not one for risottos, nor do I tend to cook them myself but I liked how wholesome and fulfilling it was. Dale, my husband is a big mushroom lover so it wasn’t surprising to me that he chose the mushroom and black bean burger accompanied was crispy French fries. His words were ‘this is exceptional.’ Like some vegan burgers, it did not fall apart and had the same consistency throughout.

main meals - mushroom and bean burger and risotto

While letting our stomachs recover from a full but stratifying first two meals, we ordered the two desserts they had on offer. Dale chose the polenta and poached plum cake with a side of mandarin sorbet. Whereas I chose the raw 70% dark Peruvian organic chocolate and raspberry brownie with a side of raspberry sorbet and drizzles of compote. The poached plum cake was a perfect texture and even better that it was accompanied with the sorbet. Once tasted I had to guard my raw chocolate brownie from my husband. As a girl, chocolate and brownies hold a special place in my heart. Aubaines raw brownie was a complete joy to eat, so much so that I would advise everyone to visit to taste it! It really is the sort of brownie that a chocolate lover would go into the restaurant for to just order a dessert. With a rich raw taste, the chocolate bitterness battled with the sweet raspberry compote and sorbet. It just worked so well, and I was disappointed with every mouthful it was disappearing in front of me! For me, the brownie was my favourite part of the meal. It was enough to hit your sweet spot but didn’t leave me feeling like I had super indulged or left me feeling heavy. It’s one thing to make a vegan dessert but a raw one as well? Double ticks in my book!

raspberry polenta cake and raw chocolate brownie

It was refreshing to see a restaurant like Aubaine experiment with their menu and delve into veganuary.  Upon exiting the restaurant I asked the restaurant manager whether this is a menu they intended to keep. I was happy to learn that the menu had been popular and that were indeed considering adding vegan dishes to their menu! Keep your eyes peeled vegans, Aubaine could be another nine places to eat in London! Pst.. if anyone from Aubaine is reading this… keep that glorious raw chocolate brownie! 😀

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