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My name is Elaina and I live in England. I created this vegan website as I want to educate and provide inspiration through food, health and beauty. If you ever need to find me, you’ll most likely find me on my instagram (I’m a bit addicted!)

Over the last few years vegan activism on the internet has really taken off, it was through social media that I started to consider an alternative lifestyle. I remember watching the documentary Earthlings and being appalled by the way humans treat animal. It was then I decided to go vegan overnight – but sadly after a few months, I succumbed to my sweet tooth with food that was only vegetarian. My lack of education on food and nutrition was my downfall. “A body is like a car, without fuel – it’s not going to operate!” I remember feeling deprived and miserable not being able to eat certain foods, primarily my junk food. So I stayed vegetarian for over a year, using that time to educate myself. I watched Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives and Food Matters. These documentaries gave me the education I required to reconsider my situation. After learning about the milk and egg industry, I knew I wanted to do more, so I decided to go vegan and stay vegan. Now, I could not imagine my life not being vegan!

There are many different reasons why people go vegan and for me, it was the animals. I feel so much more connected to the world, mentally and spiritually. I have a sense of clarity and calmness knowing I am in control of my health and I feel relief knowing no animal has suffered for me. I actually thrive on a plant based diet, I lift heavier at the gym, have more energy and sleep better too! My biggest problem with this lifestyle is not having a big enough stomach to fit in all the food I want to create daily! I used to think cooking was boring but now I race my husband to the kitchen to create food! I really enjoying cooking for my friends and family and seeing them have the ‘light bolt moment’ thinking ‘hey, these vegans eat some good food!’

A cruelty free life means valuing the animal’s life, more than my clothing, my makeup, the items I have. For many people, they see the end product, not for what the item actually is. To me, there is no appeal in a leather jacket when I could have a fake one. Why would I want to wear makeup that has been tested on animals? I have no desire in eating animals either due to the insane amount of cruelty they endure during their short lives. Living cruelty free runs alongside my beliefs, it makes me happy knowing I am living a life where animals come first.

I felt it was important that I provided you with my full story and to be honest rather than paint the perfect story. For some there may be a transition period, there may even be a little struggle, but I want people to realise that being vegan is enjoyable! For every food you miss and crave, I promise you there is an alternative or replacement. Only thing is, they are more yummy and most likely more healthy for you! Looking back, I’m glad I made those mistakes, because it’s made me the vegan I am today. 🙂

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