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Why You Should Be Donating To Your Local Animal Sanctuary


Why You Should Be Donating To Your Local Animal Sanctuary

Why You Should Be Donating To Your Local Animal Sanctuary

I love animals more than people and I’ll happily admit I’ve always felt that way. Growing up, I visited animal shelters and zoo’s because back then I was a child and knew nothing about veganism. However, I always left those places with a hard lump in my throat, something never sat easy with me. Animals were held against their will in captivity and the pets in shelters? I couldn’t help but to wonder whether they would get re-homed if I didn’t take them. I always felt guilty and the need to rescue them all – if only I could.

Based in Northamptonshire is Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary. It was on their open day that I visited and when I left, I left overjoyed, reinstated with a completely new feeling than what I was used to when visiting sanctuaries. Grab a cup of tea and let me tell you why. 🙂

Brook Farm is run by owners Clive and Rosie, whom are both vegan, providing a safe forever home for the lucky animals that end up in their care. I got to meet all of the residents, which consisted of cows, horses, goats, rabbits, chickens and geese and also some cats and dogs. Brook Farm rescues over 2,500 animals a year, with the majority re-homed, rehabilitated, released back into the wild, and some staying with them for life. Even whilst I was chatting with the owner Clive, someone had dropped off a pigeon which had been attacked by a cat, showing this really is a safe haven for all animals. Many of the animals there had experienced a terrible start to life having been neglected or abused, but you’d never know that by looking at them now in their home at Brook Farm.


Sadly there is always more animals that need help and it was after talking with the owner, I learnt more about their current land appeal. Nearby is an additional 3 acres of land they are hoping to buy, this would make an amazing difference to lives of their current animals as well as give them the opportunity to rescue more animals and provide them with a life of peace and happiness.

Wonderful places such as this rely entirely on public donation and are run solely by volunteers. To ensure the vitality of this sanctuary, public donation is crucial to ensure the continuous operation and the sanctuary longevity. Brook Farm believe in a non destruct policy for all their animals, meaning if they can help an animal, they’ll do their very best.

So tell me, what can you buy with £3? A large Starbucks coffee? A boots meal deal? That’s all that Brook Animal Farm ask for people to donate. I’m not rich, but I ‘m not going to notice £3 missing from my bank account monthly, that’s why I’ve set one up for them. Giving to charity can  sometimes be a sore subject for some people because of the uncertainty of where the money goes, but rest assured the money here provides the care and happiness to all the animals rescued. It’s easy for me to say this, since I’ve visited them, but you can too. Brook Farm are always looking for volunteers and are happy to show you around should you request in advance. Their next open is on the 17th September 2017, I hope to see you there!

It’s my blog, so I’m going to let me tell you a secret. Since becoming vegan I have longed to hug a cow, to just be in it’s presence and admire it’s beauty. After a few hours of meeting the animals, I spotted a sign displaying that at 1pm there was going to cuddles with Molly the cow. I was beyond excited. It was at this point, I fulfilled my dreams and got even closer to a cow than ever before. Molly the cow is actually 23 years old and was certainly the most friendliest cow I had come across. Below you can see, I was getting some cow loving, it was fantastic! <3


To be surrounded by such like minded people was so refreshing. Amongst me was other vegans and vegetarians as well as carnivores who were first hand looking at the animals in a new light. With people of all ages, it was great to see young children interacting with animals they would never normally get a chance to see. I wish when I was younger I had visited a place like this, I would have woken up a lot sooner!

I also purchased my first vegan activist t-shirt from HeartCure, an ethical clothing brand whom donate all the proceeds back to Brook Farm. Their tops are made from organic cotton, to which I can’t express enough how soft it feels on my skin. I’m looking forward to purchasing more t-shirts from them in the future knowing that I’m giving to such a great cause.


That about wraps up the wonderful day I experienced at Brook Farm. To learn more about this wonderful sanctuary, please visit their website here and follow them on their Facebook to keep up to date with their latest news.

Do you donate to any animal charities or sanctuaries? Let me know!


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